Who We Are?

Our History

Fawkes Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that started in Michigan City, Indiana, at the beginning of 2013. We moved to Cullman, Alabama, in the fall of 2022 to further help businesses grow as the technology we use has allowed us to no longer be required to be physically all in one location. We now have team members in Alabama, California, Indiana, North Carolina, and Texas.


We focus on three primary areas of digital marketing to make your business grow. These are web design, organic local search engine optimization (SEO), and online reputation management. We service clients throughout the United States and Mexico.


We utilize computer software, data analytics, and the human mind to create custom-tailored marketing solutions for our customers. We use analytics from as many data points as possible to increase the growth of our customers.


We are proud that we have achieved 10% or more growth for our monthly care plan clients for the past nine years. For 2022, every client has grown by more than 10%.


Local businesses are the lifeblood of our local economies and deserve as much marketing expertise as the company's spending tens of thousands of dollars each month.


We believe in breaking the mold by using agile software development expertise to adapt and change quickly to the current marketing conditions. Having multiple promotions for your business is better than only a few. Creating numerous marketing opportunities allows us to meet your customers at the best possible time.


Honest & Radical Transparency

The digital marketing world is notorious for being opaque and scummy. We believe this is the wrong approach to take. Marketing itself isn't hard. It is just getting down, focusing on the analytics, and implementing the objectives of the business. We take the opposite direction with a radical and transparent approach to digital marketing.

Quality Over Quantity

Many digital marketing providers take a churn-and-burn approach to their work by trying to get as much done as quickly as possible. We have found this is great for their profits but doesn't produce the results to help grow your business.


We pride ourselves in our high-quality work focusing on looking at the big picture to give your business the growth you want.

Continuous Curiosity

With every business industry constantly adapting and evolving customer demands, we are focused on being agile to help you meet your business needs. We look for opportunities by seeing how people interact and find your business online. We adapt to the changing market of your industry.


Ownership & Accountability

Nothing can be more frustrating than having someone say, "that's not my problem."


We have never taken that approach. Instead, we take ownership of everything we do and are accountable for all aspects of the project. No matter how small or big a task request is, you own it and don't deserve any excuses to get your requests met.

Data-Driven Decisions

As a digital marketing agency, everything we do is recorded to see trends in your business and industry and how we can be more agile to your unique business needs. That is why the opportunities, insights, and recommendations we provide should are based on data rather than feelings, anecdotes, and sometimes even best practices.

Be Actionable

Providing recommendations without them being actionable doesn't help anyone. Instead, we offer suggestions that are specific and actionable in a way that everyone (internally and externally) understands. We can help our clients achieve continual business growth by being actionable through every step.



Every day, security becomes more important than the day before in a business's life. As we build solutions for our clients, we emphasize protecting our client's data and proprietary information.


We place our honesty before security, as anyone can say they are secure. By putting honesty first, you can rest assured that when we say security is a high priority, you know it is.

Environmental Impact

As a family-owned and operated company, we look at our environment for every decision. We make sure we use recycled products whenever possible and utilize sustainable technologies for our servers. Since 2013, we have continued to reduce our carbon footprint annually and are now using 100% sustainable wind power.

Veteran Owned & Operated

Many companies will outsource some or all of their work outside the United States. As a company that is 100% owned by an American veteran, we believe other Americans best serve your USA-based business.

Veteran Owned Business