Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Do-It-Yourself websites are for those individuals that have the time to do it themselves or want to create a quick WordPress user-friendly website that can be up in running quickly. Everything will be professionally setup for you with everything that Fawkes Digital Marketing does for its clients that pay thousands of dollars. The difference is once everything is setup you take over.

You aren't left alone though. We will continue to enhance our knowledge base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and additional videos showing you the entire process.

You can create any WordPress website. This website is an example of what you can do. This is a WordPress website with full eCommerce capabilities. We have avoided a lot of the "fancy stuff" as we want to provide a sample of what a lot of people can do without being a web developer.

  1. You signup and pay your one-time fee and then your monthly payment. Each month, on the same day you will be charged your monthly fee.
  2. Once setup our professional team will do:
    1. Contact you on the complete steps that we do and you are needed to do, based on what you've requested.
    2. Create your website under the domain name you wish. Setup all plugins, security, monitoring, backups, etc. so that you start with everything you need pre-configured and ready.
    3. Setup Google Analytics.
    4. Setup your email.

Note: All fees are non-refundable.

Yes, we have a migration option. You will receive all the same features, no contracts, and your already developed WordPress website. The requirements for this are:

  • You have administrator capability within your website.
  • Your current provider allows this. We will work with you in this process.
  • You have access to your domain name so that everything can be re-pointed to your new hosting location.
  • We will go through all of the same setup information as if you were starting without a already created website (e.g., make certain all services are properly configured and you understand them)


  • Most paid plugins, unless you purchased yourself may need to be repurchased.

Click here to migrate your existing website to our DIY platform.

Yes, you can! We do give you a lot of benefits.

  1. You receive a fully setup WordPress website and don't need any knowledge of the Information Technology (IT) side of things.
  2. We provide you access to our licensing which is over $700 worth of WordPress plugins.
  3. We provide you with instructional manuals and videos so that you don't have to go hunting for information.
  4. You have email access to our entire customer support team who develop and maintain WordPress websites on a daily basis.
  5. You receive top-notch web hosting and daily backups that are tested and verified for you.

Squarespace, WiX, GoDaddy and others are all great services. They use their own proprietary software where we give you access to the open-source WordPress system. This gives you the ability to have complete control over every aspect of your website.

With Fawkes Digital Marketing, you will have access to individuals that know more than just how to edit a site but answer questions on how to better take advantage and be found on the search engines.

Absolutely. Fawkes Digital Marketing is your web and email provider.

You are able to utilize anyone you wish. When we create your account, it will be setup so that you are the administrator. From there, you can add as many people as you wish to have access to every aspect of your website.

The benefit of working with Fawkes Digital Marketing is you have available a team of professionals that do digital marketing on a daily basis. You have proven experts available to you around every corner. We want you to get busy so that you can utilize more of our services and help you grow further.

You can use any page editor. We utilize Beaver Builder as our default editor. You may also choose Elementor or the native default Gutenberg editor that comes with WordPress 6. If you want to use another editor, you are welcome to install that editor.

Yes, we utilize SmarterTools SmarterMail which is a Microsoft Exchange compatible email server. This allows you to use a user friend web browser version as well as native integration with all mobile devices that support Microsoft Exchange or IMAP services.

Beaver Editor front-end editor

Beaver Builder allows you to change the website quickly and easily without having to know anything about web development.

Astra Pro

Works along-side Beaver Builder to give you some advanced features to make your site truly stand out. 

Gravity Forms Pro

Provides you with the ability to include forms, questionnaires, and even take payments on your website from within a secure PCI compliant form.

iTheme Security

iTheme Security is a software-based firewall to protect your website from malicious people on the internet. It protects from hackers and other malicious software.

Portfolio Manager

Allows you to showcase work you've done in a consistent manner that is optimized for being indexed on the search engines.

Premium Starter Templates

Are professionally created templates that can be used so that people will see you standout. All of these templates are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile experiences to be top-notch.

Rank Math Pro for best-in-class SEO

When it comes to having a website, you need the best software. The top two are Rank Math and Yoast. Rank Math wins hands down when it comes to producing the best long-term results for your website. 

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder

These are some professionally developed add-ons for Beaver Builder to further streamline and speed your development so that you do not have to spend time working on your website and focused on your dream.

WP Rocket

A caching solution that speeds the loading of your entire website.


Allows for consistent and reliable email delivery of your forms and messages from your website in a reliable manner.

No, you are not! You have a full-fledged version of WordPress. This is the way the internet is supposed to be. If you want to sell online, you can install WooCommerce and any other plugin you feel your business needs.

If you aren't sure what plugin your business needs, you can email our support and we will be glad to help you. Our support email is

This varies from plugin provider to plugin provider. In most cases if you leave our service you will need to get the plugins yourself.

We purchase our plugins in volume and is how we are able to provide you with the monthly and annual savings.

When you tell us you want to leave, we will include this information in your leaving email on everything that you will need from helping you transfer your site to making certain you stay in compliance with your website licensing. 

Still Looking For Information?

If you haven't found the answer you are looking for email and they will help you. You can also check our main company knowledge base at for additional information.

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